San Jose High School Class of 1956

Barbara Peddy and Bob Wilson's Photos of the Tour of SJA

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Together on Bulldog Blvd.

Terry Feist,
Taby Perez with
a helping hand
& Emil Trimillos.

movng right along--
Louella Martin & Carl Churchill.

Frank Calabro leading the way,
Alice Wickersham talking to Ron Rogers
& Magaret Milioto looking on.

Our tour guide

Midge Jangrus, Pat Emery
and Taby Perez
with the young ladies of
SJ Academy who later
did a cheer for us.

Art Pasquinelli, Jean Nigro,
Louella Martin, Midge Jangrus,
Arleen Cuffaro and Eliabeth Perez.

Vic," Is everybody ready"?

On our way

Jack Middleton,
David Smith
& Vic Madden

reminiscing with classmates
Carl Churchill

Is this our SJHS?
Adeline Hidalgo

Do we have to take a group picture?
Picture taken in four parts by David Ballard
and assembled by Milt Peddy.

Start of the tour -- Emil Trimillos

Tile picture along the wall
heading toward the boy's gym.

This one painted

Those are not the lockers we remember!

The score board in the boy's 'gym

bounce that ball -- TabyPerez

He scores

On back wall of the Gym
on the left side

Back wall, right side

Memories of the fun rallies
in the gym.

Nice spot for a picture --
Pat Emery and Jacqui,
both class of ('57)

Art Pasquinelli ('54), Louella Martin
& Barbra Blanchard.

Bulldog pride

Interesting, what is he saying?
Pat and Jacqui

Nancy Sizelove & Sherry Miranda

Off to the Library and Memorabilia room

Bob Delgado
some of us didn't remember
the library was up the stairs

From the memorabilia room in the Library

Nancy & Sherry

Beverly Morgan ,
"That's me next to Nick".

Susie Douglass

Bill Douglass

Arleen Cuffaro

Liz Perez & Ron Rogers,
time to leave

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