SJHS Class of 1956 Dinner at Holder's Country Inn July 18, 2014

Here we are at Holder's Country Inn

Everyone has so much to say

One waitress to take all our orders
and she did a great job.

Some of us are still deciding
what we want to eat.

Breakfast or Lunch?

Can you tell I've lost a few pounds?

Helen Pappas Garza
is having a good time.

These are friends of Bill & Susie,
Art and Rosie, we are so glad
they could attend.

Art & Louella Martin Pasquinelli,
so happy they could attend.

Bill Douglass is surprised
we all found the place.

Barbara Blanchard Balvanz.
She looks lovely and is doing well..

Susie Douglass, she picks the
great places for our get togethers.

Bill & Mary Dalzochio,
a lovely couple.

Sandy & Mary Ann. They went
to Woodrow Wilson with me.

That's Larry Sandoval's brother,
class of '52. He attended with
Larry & Terry.

Dave Ruder, he teaches
music all over the world.

Emil & Martha Trimillos,
Their son is a career service man,
we all are proud of him.
Lieutenant Colonel
Ricardo L. Trimillos

Jerry & Sharon Seymour Mattson
having a good time.

Can you tell Helen Silva & her
Husband Jim Warbington
are having fun?

Another happy couple,
Marlene Carvalho &
husband Bill Nicelly

Lou & Kay Russell Scamporrino
enjoying the get together.

Helen explaining about the bus stop
on 19th and Santa Clara Street.
More info to come by e-mail.

Tim Peddy who takes most of
our pictures got his picture taken.
He's lost weight too.

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