San Jose High School Class of 1956 Breakfast at the Hayes Mansion
November 16, 2012

Isn.t he cute? Only $10.00 we
sold 8, would you like one???

Just had to do it...
Barbara Andrews Peddy.
The hats will be sold at the Big Bone Game
and thru 2013. SJH's 150th Birthday.

Helen Pappas Garza
on the right

Ken and Carmie Lombardo Marten

Al and Gerry Robinson Crema

Bill and Marlene Carvalho Nicely

Larry Sandoval and Theresa Gonzalez Maxie, "60

Rosie, friend of Susie and Bill's,
Susie Douglass

Sharon Seymour Mattson and
husband Jerry

Elizabeth Perez Donaldson

Sandy Hanson Silva

Bob Wison and
Barbara Blanchard Balvanz

Art, Bill and Susie's friend,
and Bill Douglass

Mary and Bill Dalzochio

Table decoration made
by Mr.Briggs

Caroline Marie Macedo and
husband Manuel Fernandes

Sherry Miranda

Gene and Toni Ortega Impey

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