San Jose High School Class of 1956

Margaret Jumura Abe's Photos of the Reunion

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50 Years & all most 4 months
after Graduation

Marian Teresi & guest

Richard Bartlett
& Lee Nelson
with guests

Bob Delgado,
Barbara Brager & Husband

Jeanne Cook,
Adrienne Akahoshi
& Ruby Kurasaki

Adrienne, Naish Piazza
& wife, Nancy Pugsley

Ken Holladay
& Rudy Valente

Rita Villareal,
Bob Wilson
& Connie Rodriguez

Betty Jean Nigro,
Jack Harris
& Margaret Jumura

Nathalie Mediros
& Adrian Sortillon

George Kotsubo
& Gloria Cuen

Perry Dobashi
& Ben Garza

Donna Lirati
& Husband

Midge's husband,
Nancy, Naish
& Midge Jangrus

Margaret, Arleen,
Nancy, Naish
& Midge

Richard Moore
& Ruperto Montoya

Alice Wickersham,
Barbra Blanchard
& Rochelle Aslanian

Sharon Seymour
& husband

Gloria, Rudy, guest,
Rita, Connie,
Loretta Maggi & guest

Ruperto and
Frank Espinosa

Perry, Gerry Robinson,
Jacqueline Harmon
& Sherry Miranda

Arleen & Bob

Ginger Rose
& husband

Carl Churchill
& Naish

& Bob Saxe

Perry & Kay Russell,
Perry's wife
& Kay's husband

Ruby and
Louella Martin

Perry, Donna Taylor
& George

Gloria, Ruth Esquibel,
Taby Perez & guest

Betty Jean Nigro
& Norma Wells

Back Row -
Ruth, Marcella Wallace
& Nancy Sizelove
Front Row-
Linda Chaney
& Janet Tinsen

Marion Teresi,
Alan Spalding
& Miriam Witten

Donna, Barbara,
& Margaret Milioto

Adeline Hidalgo
& guest

Guest, Marion
& Bill Lamb

Lowell Terrell, Barbara
& Ron Rogers

Terry Fiest & wife,
Carl Cannon & Ben

& Randy Hall

Art & wife Louella

Bob, Arleen & Marion

Loretta, Jeanne, Jo Ann
& Beverly Kartchner

Edward Parish
& Larry Barragan

Ken, Bob
& Jeanne

Bill Douglass
& Gerry

Larry Brennan,
Dorothy Sandoval
& guest

Decoration by Bob Wilson

Ruth wins raffle

Terry & Barbara

Nancy and Barbara
There's the winner!

Frank Calabro & wife,
one of the winners

Back row -
Jean, Ruby & Randy
Front row -
Norma, Adrienne
& Frank

Perry, Alicia Collins
& Donna

Richard Wingate ('55),
Adrian & Ray Alvarado

Ray Fackrell
& Darrell Flemmer

Rita, Connie
& Gloria

Kay & husband

Bill Dalzochio
& guest

Ben, Ruby,
Emil Trimillos
& Adrienne

The food looked beautiful and tasted great.

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