San Jose High School Class of 1956 Luncheon at Cup n Saucer March 17, 2017

Women classmates by madian name

Peter Sparaco '57, Dave Ruder,
& Gary Cox ( Marg Milioto's husband).

Barb Andrews, Margaret Milioto,
Dian Ruder, Mary Ann Cannon WG '56.

Sharon Seymour, Martha Trimillos,
Bob Wilson, Art Pasquinelli '54,

Jerry Mattson (Sharon's husband).

There were 33 of us,
17 from '56
2 from '57
1 from '55
1 from '54
2 from '56 WG
10 guests.

Sherry Miranda
& Granddaughter Emily.

Gloria Cuen, Nora Perez,
background Helen & Bob,
Taby, their son Paul.

Bill Douglass
& Ruth Esquibel.

Malene Carvalho
& Sandy Hanson '56 WG.

Susie Douglass
& Peter '57.

Bill and Ruth .

Emil and Martha.

Bob Delgado
& Helen Pappas.

Terry ( Larry's guest), Bill,
Larry Sandoval. Back ground,
Sandy, Susie, Helen, Ruth, Gloria.

Jacqui Holaday '57
& Gloria Cuen.

Jim Warbington (Helen Silva's husband)
Bob and Helen

Barbara & Larry

Art, Helen & Barbara

Looking at yr. books that
Jacqui brought.
Vic Madden, Helen,
Larry, Ruth & Jacqui.

Bob Delgado looking at one of
the year books with great interest.

Bob & Bill Nicely,
Marlene's Husband.

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