San Jose High School Class of 1956 Dinner at Country Kitchen July 16, 2010

We were so happy to have
Bill and Ardis join us for dinner and we wish them the very best.

Helen Sliva & husband
Jim Warbington

Taby Perez & wife Nora

Bill Lamb & wife Ardis

Emil Trimillos

Sharon Seymour & husband
Jerry Mattson

Ken Holladay & wife Jacqui

Art Pasquinelli

Martha Trimillos,
Emil's wife

Bill Douglass & wife Susie

Helen Pappas Garza

Maryann Cannon who went
to Woodrow with some of us,
& husband Chuck Colbum

Kay Russell & husband
Lou Scamporrinno

Barbara Blanchard Balvanz

Bob Wilson

Marlene Carvalho &
husband Bill Nicely

Sandi, who also went
Woodrow Wilson Jr High,
was a guest of Marlene's.

Barbara Andrews &
husband Milt (Tim) Peddy

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