San José High School Class of 1956
60 Year Reunion

Three Flames Restaurant
September 24, 2016

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San Jose High School Class of 1956 Reunion - September 24, 2016

Photo by Terry Fiest.
Among the most special
people, way in the back
on right corner,
Milt (Tim) Peddy

Photo by Terry Fiest.
Sherry Meranda

Photo by Terry Fiest.
Terry Feist & wife Carol.

Photo by Terry Fiest.
Terry and Bob Delgado.

Photo by Terry Fiest.
Terry and Jack Harris.

Me, B. Andrews
setting up pictures
and Memorabilia
saved over 60 yrs.

More me. There was
a lot to set out.

oops, those bags
should not be

Vic Madden & wife
Sheila looking at
memorabilia about
the class of 1956 .

Art Pasquinelli '54
sharing a memory
with Vic and Sheila.

Flowers on table
made by Gloria Cuen.
Thank you Gloria.

Enjoying each others
company and conversations.

Jacqueline standing at
welcoming table.
Liz, Art, Helen, and
Barbara tending
the table.

Not ready to eat as yet.

Barbara, Bob, me
and Jack Harris's
wife Earline.

Susie and Bill Douglass,
Margaret Milioto and
husband Gary Cox.

Ron Machado,
Miriam Witten
(so glad you are with us)
and husband Tom.

David Peddy, wife Rita,
Barbara Blanchard and
Bob Wilson.

Dave Pereira,
Marian Lester,
Janice Lester '59
and Lyn Wilson.

Jacqui Wyman Holladay '57
IIene Lester '65,
Liz, Ray Quibelan
and wife Vanessa,
XX, Donna Taylor.

Andrew Van Schaack
Donna Taylor's son

Alicia Collins and
husband Mac.
Myma, daughter of
Carlos Arevalo '54.

Jeanne Cook, Vic
and wife Sheila.

Gerry Robinson &
husband Al.

Norma Welles,
Marcella Wallace
and Jacqueline

XX Bev Kartchner XX
Frank Calabro
and wife Kathy.

Larry Brennam
and wife Jo Ann,
Carl Churchill.

Gene Imey and
wife,Tony Ortega.
Mary Daly Dalzocitio '59
and Bill Dalzocitio.

Marlene Carvalho
and husband Bill.
Jack Middleton.

Carl and wife Holly.
John, Marion's husband,
Marion Teresi.

Marilyn Polito,
Jean Nigro,
Gloria Cuen,
Ben Garza.

Richard, wife Viginia.
Nancy Pugsley and
husband Naish Piazza.
Joe Polito '65 (Marilyn's brother).

Bob Goodenough '55
and friends.

John Chaffin '57,
Bob's wife.
Louise Goodnough,
Bill Chaffin '55.
Richard and
wife Virginia.

Anita Sosa '57,
Peter Spararo '57,
Raelene Blackmore '57,
Mary Saito '57.

Pat Emory '57,
JoAnn Ardizzone '57.

Bob Saxe,
Rudy Valente
and wife Audrey .
Emile Trimillos
and wife Martha.

Sharon Seymore
and husband Jerry.
XX, Darlene Stockwell '57.

Bob and Ron Delgado '57.
Dave Ruder and
wife Dian.

Armidia Marichalar '55,
Sherry Miranda.

Lowell Terell
and wife Diane.

David Smith and
wife JoAnn Cook.

Natalie Martinez

Pat Cevas '57,
Dorothy Barraza '57.

Larry Sandoval and Teresa.
Helen Pappas Garza.

Nathalie Madiros,
Carmie Lombardo.

Adrian Sortillian,
Liera Sortillian '50,
Richard Wingate '55.

Helen Silva and
husband Jim.

The wonderful gentelmen
who served us, super job.

Bill Chaffin '54
who gave a great speech.

Victor Madden,
Committee chair person.
Put the memory book
together, thank you Vic.

Elizabeth (Liz )Perez,
Committee member

Bill and Susie Douglass,
Committee members.

Boy am I getting old.
Committee Member.

Art Pasquinelli,
Committee member.

Gerry Robinson,
Committee member.

Helen Pappas Garza,
Committee member.

Naish and Nancy
giving out disc prizes
of their grandson's
rock band.

Prize for who was
the first to get his
resorvation in:
Bill Dalzocitio,
toy and We are # 1

Prizes who came the farthest:
Bob Delgado, Chile
Adrian Sortillin, Texas
Most Grandchildren, Helen Silva
and Jack Harris.

Thank you all for attending.
See you in 2021.

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