SJHS Class of 56' Reunion, October 1, 2011
at the Mosonic Hall in Morgan Hill

Mogan Hill Masonic Lodge
#463 Built 2/15/1969

Susie Douglass,
Louella Martin Pasquinelli,
Elizabeth Perez Donaldson

Marilyn Polito, husband Goodwin
Barbara, Susie, Louella, Liz


David Peddy and wife Rita
in back Randy Hall

Frank Calabro & wife Kathy
Marilyn Polito Goodwin,
Nancy Pugsley Piazza, Barbara,
Liz Perez Donaldson


More conversing

George Kotsubo, Jack Middleton,
David Smith, Jo Ann Cook Smith

Kay Russell Scamporino, Chuck Colman, Shevlin De LA Rosa
Mary Ann Cannon Colman, Betty Jean Nigro Rodriggs,
Ron Machado, Rachel Machado.

Even more conversing

Queen Ann, Rosalie, Jim Warbington,
Madelyn, Gilbert,
Lou Scamporino, Alicia,
& David Ruder

All '57:
Angie Frausto Parrish,
Jo Ann Ardizzone Fevert,
Ralene Blackmore Greenly,
Darlene Stockwell Burnham

Barbara Blanchard Balvanz
& Louella Martin Pasquinelli

Bob Wison, Rudy Valente,
Tabby Perez & Bob Saxe

Invitation to lunch with
David Yamamoto 10/19/11

Victor Madden

Nathalie Mediros Rizzo,
Carol Achelpoho Sheffield,
Adrian Sortillian Lawrence,
and her sister Elizabeth

Bill Doulass & wife Susie
with Gene Impey
at next table

Jean Nigro Rodriggs,
Terry Feist & Ron Machado

A moment for those who have passed.
Tabby Perez & Vic Madden

Mary Daly Dalzochio '59
Richard Wingate '55
Ron Rizzo '55
Carmela Lombardo Martin

L- Bob Saxe, Sherry Miranda Menard,
Perry Dobashi, George Kotsubo,
R-.John VanSchaach,

L- Perry, George, Claranne
Cardoza Rudzitis
R---John, Principal Cary Catching,
Steve Catching

Richard Windgate, Bill Dalzochio, Tony,
Gene, Susie, Alan Spalding, Marion,
Norma Welles, Jerry Newby, Nathalie.

Both white & Chocolate
cake for dessert

Umm good says
Gene Impey

Time for a group picture

If you can not see the
Photographer, he can't
see you.

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